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Luxury Pub Shed Extension In Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Myndstone, a renowned multi discipline building company based in Shrewsbury, has been making waves in the construction and design industry with their exceptional work. Specialising in creating innovative and functional spaces, they’ve garnered attention for their unique garden rooms, modular structures, and high-end property conversion projects.

Luxury Home Bar / Pub Shed Extension In Shropshire

One of Myndstone’s recent garden building extension in Shrewsbury, has been making headlines for all the right reasons. This 6.5m x 4m insulated pub shed building is constructed as an outbuilding, seamlessly blending with the main house while maintaining its independence.

Year-Round Comfort and Acoustic Excellence – The Pondas Bar  boasts super-insulated walls, floors, and roofs, providing the ideal environment even during the chilliest winter months. Moreover, acoustic protection measures have been thoughtfully integrated, ensuring that the liveliness inside the bar doesn’t disrupt the neighbors.

Versatile Entertainment Space – The Pondas Bar doubles as an entertaining space and, if necessary, overflow accommodation. From its unique colour scheme to its carefully curated furnishings, the bar provides an immersive experience for all guests. Be it karaoke nights, gaming sessions, or leisurely gatherings, this space is designed to impress.

The Perfect Venue for Unforgettable Gatherings – The Pondas Bar is equipped with a commercial-grade beer fridge, a karaoke machine, and a games console with thousands of games, making it the ideal venue for unforgettable parties. The bar’s design promotes an intimate yet vibrant atmosphere, catering to diverse needs.

Expert Tips for Home Extensions – Emma, the owner of Ponda’s Bar, shares some valuable tips from her project journey. She emphasizes the importance of starting early to search for bargains. Being proactive allows homeowners to seize discounts and special offers, contributing to cost savings. Additionally, she highlights the significance of selecting a trusted builder to ensure the project meets the highest standards.

Join Myndstone in Building Your Dream Space: Myndstone invites homeowners and enthusiasts to explore the possibilities of creating their dream spaces. The Pondas Bar stands as an inspiring example of how innovative design, quality construction, and careful planning can result in functional and stunning spaces.

Home Bar / Pub Shed Building Costs In Shrewsbury

Myndstone is a Shrewsbury-based construction company specialising in creating unique and functional spaces. With a portfolio encompassing garden rooms, modular structures, home extensions, and property conversions, we are established as leaders in our field.

Call us on 01743 461471 or 07813 333374 and we will be happy to discuss your pub shed building,  garage conversion or house extension ideas, costs, quotes, prices & estimates. Or contact us using the form below

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