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Myndstone Garden Buildings Technical Guide:

At Myndstone, we are dedicated to helping you create your perfect garden building within your desired budget. To assist you, we have outlined a comprehensive overview of features that come standard with your garden building, along with additional options that might pique your interest.


Standard: Our approach to foundations adheres strictly to building regulation requirements. We prioritise long-term durability over quick fixes. Your garden building will rest securely on concrete or composite pad foundations or mini piles.

Options: We offer a diverse range of foundation options tailored to various site and ground conditions, including helical screws, rafts, slabs, and ground beams.


Standard: Our garden buildings incorporate a robust, steel-reinforced ring beam, enhancing stability, accuracy, and strength, providing a solid base for your new space.


Standard: Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) form the primary structural elements of your building, ensuring a minimum wall thickness of 185mm for exceptional heat insulation and airtightness.

Options: We offer wider profile SIPs, resulting in wall thicknesses of 210mm and 235mm for enhanced thermal and sound insulation.


Standard: Our buildings feature powder-coated (Black, white, grey) aluminum frames with sliding doors, casements, and bi-fold doors, meeting our stringent quality standards.

Options: Choose from a variety of colors and materials, structural glazing, bespoke glass artistry, triple glazing, and more.


Standard: Our double-glazed units are 28mm thick and argon-filled, boasting excellent eco credentials.

Options: Explore options like acoustic glazing for soundproofing, high-performance thermal coatings, triple glazing, and integrated blinds with remote-control solar-powered operation.


Standard: A Firestone EPDM rubber membrane, backed by a 20-year guarantee and a 50+ year life expectancy, forms the standard roof.

Options: Consider roof lanterns, sun tubes, roof-lights, artificial (green) roofs, and sedum (living) roofs. We offer various roof types, including flat, mono-pitch, and dual pitched tiles.


Standard: Half-round, black guttering to eaves with a single downpipe.

Options: Choose from square-line guttering, metal gutters, and rainwater harvesting tanks.


Standard: Western Red Cedar cladding offers a smooth finish that ages to a silver-grey hue over time, requiring minimal maintenance.

Options: Explore alternative natural woods, render, composite, stone, slate cladding, or even green walls.


Standard: Enjoy plastered walls and ceilings painted in white, along with 100mm round-nose skirting boards.

Options: Personalise with wood-panelled walls, decorative skirting boards, and architraves.


Standard: Select from practical and appealing laminate flooring options.

Options: Opt for FSC-accredited wood flooring, tiling, carpet, high-end vinyl, or rubberized matting.


Standard: Our buildings feature multi-point locking doors and key-operated locking windows, meeting insurance-approved standards.

Options: Enhance security with external lights, wireless alarms, or integration with your existing house alarm.


Standard: High-quality LED down-lighters, brushed steel switches, and double-sockets with USB chargers are standard. RCD-protected consumer unit and certified electrician’s 10m armoured connection to the main house.

Options: Customise with longer armoured connections, remote control lighting, external power sockets, AV and IT installations, and sophisticated lighting effects.


Your garden building comes with a 10-year structural warranty against material defects and faulty workmanship. This fully insurance-backed warranty protects your deposit and guarantees the longevity of your investment.


Explore additional elements such as air conditioning/climate control systems, heating options, decking/patio areas, cloakrooms, kitchenettes, cinema room installations, soundproofing, and built-in storage.


Discover how your garden building can serve as a fully independent living annexe for various needs. Contact us for more information.