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Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

Creating an Environmentally Friendly Insulated Garden Office:

At Myndstone Garden Buildings, we are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact in all aspects of our operations. This commitment extends to our Insulated Garden Office, where we continually refine our practices to enhance sustainability and quality.

Our Focus on Sustainability with the Insulated Garden Office: Understanding the significant role buildings play in carbon emissions, we take meaningful steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Our Insulated Garden Office exemplifies our dedication to eco-friendly design and manufacturing.

Manufacturing Efficiency: Located near our manufacturing site, our main office and showrooms enable us to minimize carbon emissions by reducing the need for extensive transportation.

Incorporating Modern Construction Techniques: The Insulated Garden Office showcases our embrace of modern construction methods. Structurally Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS) are central to our design, enhancing both structural integrity and thermal performance.

Thermal Efficiency: SIPS, featuring a polyurethane core sandwiched between OSB boards, offer exceptional thermal efficiency with a low U-value rating. This technique ensures consistent warmth and structural durability for up to 60 years, backed by a 10-year structural guarantee.

Sustainable Timber Usage: We prioritize responsible sourcing by using FSC-certified timber in constructing the Insulated Garden Office. Our commitment to sustainable forest practices aligns with UK regulations, ensuring ethical and environmentally sound choices.

Optional Green Roof Upgrade: Consider enhancing your Insulated Garden Office with a green roof, a unique upgrade option. Featuring pre-grown sedum plants, this living roof provides numerous benefits:

  • Protection against excessive heat in summer.
  • Enhanced insulation during colder months.
  • Favorable impact on planning permission applications.
  • Improved acoustic performance.

Please note that the green roof upgrade is not standard but can be easily added to create a vibrant and eco-friendly garden space.